Research Assistant

    • Research in Software Security and Supply Chain Security focusing human aspect. Published and presented papers at top academic computer science conferences.

    • Collaboration: Microsoft, Google, GitHub, npm, Cisco and NSF.

    • Skills: Google BigQuery · Statistical Modeling · MySQL · Git · Linux · Empirical Research · Python · Supply Chain Security · Data Mining · Machine Learning

Research Intern

    • Mentors: Thomas Zimmermann, Patrice Godefroid

    • Conducted research on how data-driven attackers would use and assess the publicly available information to identify the weakest link in a software supply chain

    • Collaborated with npm and GitHub security specialists to understand supply chain attack patterns

    • Proposed six signals of security weaknesses in npm software supply chain

    • Conducted a survey to validate weak link signals and identify seven additional weak link signals proposed by practitioners.

    • Presented findings to MSR, npm, GitHub, and Cisco teams.

    • Skills: Human Factors · Survey Research · SQL · Python · Supply Chain Security · npm · Large-scale Data Analysis

Security Specialist

Experienced in Biometrics solutions focusing on-

  • Fingerprint Identification System (Enrollment, Verification, Matching with large Criminal AFIS-DB)

  • Face Recognition System

  • Video analytics Solutions

  • Multi –Biometrics Devices